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Being a lifelong hockey fan in a country without an ice rink can be tough, but not impossible. This is the idea that Griffin ran with. He wanted to show that the sport was alive and popular in Ireland. Griff set up All Beard No Teeth in January 2017 with the idea of connecting fans across the globe through their passion for the game of hockey. ABNT started off as a Twitter page for hockey news and discussion. It quickly gained recognition from its popular logo and the responsiveness of the Twitter page. Every comment, DM and follow were all recognised and any questions responded to. This led to ABNT becoming a great community for fans. The page has since worked with some great brand names on collaborations, appeared on podcasts and has ran several competitions. It has also become a place where facial hair enthusiasts are instant VIPs.

The next step has started and we now have a team of writers as a part of the beloved Bearded Family and an Instagram and Facebook page to boot. The website is now looking to be your home for all things hockey and all things beards.

Much more to come from Griffin and the team.

Meet the Team

Griffin (The Beard)

- Chief Beard here at ABNT

I have been into hockey for over 20 years ever since playing NHL 94. I was a massive Scott Stevens fan which was a key reason why I became a big New Jersey Devils fan. Since starting All beard No Teeth I have met so many new people and was even lucky enough to become a member of The Hockey Writers. I am grateful for everything I have gotten so far and want to repay that by bringing you the best site there is, the home for all things hockey and all things beards.

Some hobbies or interests: Aside from living and breathing hockey I am a huge music guy and beard enthusiast. I also follow a lot of different sports (except soccer). I’m a bit of a comic and gaming nerd and I own a lot of retro consoles from "growing up"…

Fun facts: I have a cat that I’ve trained to play fetch


- Covering Junior hockey and the EIHL

Born, raised, and currently living in the UK, I went to my first hockey game in 2015 and haven’t looked back since. I’m a converted former sports-hater on a mission to learn everything I missed out on growing up- which mostly means trying to keep up with about seven different sports leagues at once. I rely on a niche Theology degree to keep up my rusty writing skills, and spend the rest of my time obsessing over rookies, craft beer and obscure languages.

Danny “Boy” Brown

- Covering Hockey Books, NWHL, and Sub Editor

Was born in a crossfire hurricane. OK not really. He was born in the desert heat of Fresno, California in the years that the World Hockey Association was around. A Minnesotan introduced him to the sport and he fell in love with it during the Miracle run of the 1980 US Olympic team.

He has played the sport off and on since he was 10 and recently picked it up again when my 8-year-old daughter started playing. That led to volunteering for her female hockey organization and blogging. The only things that he loves more than his family and playing hockey is writing about the game. Writing about the sport is a vehicle to meeting and engaging with #hockeyfamily and #Beardedfamily the world over.

He is available via the following social media outlets.

James Sansum

- Covering the EIHL and AHL

I have loved hockey for over 20 years. My first game was watching the Ayr Scottish Eagles in the old British Superleague and I became hooked after my first game. My dad, sister and I went to as many home and away games as we could. I was devastated when the Eagles folded, but kept my passion for hockey. To watch games we would go to mainly Fife and Edinburgh for BNL games and latterly EIHL games when the Caps first joined. I also have a keen interest in the NHL and was lucky to get over to the States to see a couple of games a few years ago. I am now a Glasgow Clan season ticket holder and also run EatSleepUKIceHockey (@ES_UKIceHockey) on twitter and as a blog, which covers all things EIHL.

Outside of hockey I work as an Optician. I follow a lot of other sports as well, and love metal music! Love spending time with my wife, friends and family.

Austin Connelly

- Covering the NHL and WHL

Austin found his love for hockey living in Vancouver during his childhood. There he watched the West Coast Express line of Markus Naslund, Brendan Morrison and Todd Bertuzzi during their primes. Good enough to make the hockey teams but never good enough to play much, he found his role: the energy penalty killing guy. Not to mention becoming a killer team DJ in the locker room. Now 23, Austin is a 4th year journalism student at MacEwan University in Edmonton.


- Covering the KHL and European hockey

Despite living in a non-hockey region, I love the game of hockey. As a European, I support European club hockey and I want European hockey to become as strong as possible. European hockey fans have witnessed far too many attempts to launch a cross-border competition, without success. I have been following hockey all of my life and I have had the same question, why is there not a hockey version of the UEFA Champions League? Or a European version of the NHL?

It was 2008 when both versions came to reality. As a fan, I started to follow both leagues – the Champions Hockey League & the KHL although it was not cool to follow the KHL at the time. Furthermore, it was a bit complicated to get first-hand information about the KHL, the media did not cover the league as deeply as I would like. Based on my experience with the KHL & other European club hockey competitions I like to write about the most important on and off-ice issues of European club hockey.

I can share with you my passion for history books. I fully believe in the latin proverb, historia magistra vitae. (history is life's teacher)

Adam Bidwell

– Covering the NHL

I grew up in Buffalo, NY and experienced heartbreak after heartbreak with the Sabres and Bills. I live in Columbus, OH because I wanted more of it. I am a high school English teacher and former musician.

Hobbies or interests - I like to travel with my wife and visit breweries and bookstores. I am incapable of growing a beard. Sorry.

Aaron Coulter

– Covering the NHL, NWHL, and the NCAA

I have been a fan of ice hockey since the Belfast Giants landed in Belfast in 2000, and a season ticket holder there for the past 5 years. As well as the Giants, I am an avid fan of the Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Americans, and also closely follow the NCAA, OHL, KHL, and NWHL.

Hobbies or interests - Outside of hockey, I like to travel around Europe watching the Northern Ireland football team play. I'm also a big horse racing fan. *I don't have any wacky, or even remotely interesting, hobbies outside of sport!*

Mark Callanan

– NHL, Fantasy Hockey (and EIHL on occassion)

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, with an interest in Ice Hockey since a family holiday to Calgary in 1998. Since then, I've attended NHL games in New York, Buffalo, Boston, Pittsburgh, Stockholm and Helsinki, as well as regular trips up the M1 to watch the Belfast Giants. Particularly interested in the Fantasy Hockey and Analytics side of the game

Hobbies or interests - My hobbies and interests outside of Hockey include technology, podcasting, sports betting and running. I completed my first (and so far only) marathon in late 2017.


– NHL, IIHF, and whatever else tickles my fancy along the way!

New to the sports writing world, hoping to grace your brains with some stimulating pieces. I'm a Pittsburgh girl at heart but exploring the avenues outside of the NHL. Buffalo Wing and alcohol connoisseur. Sarcastic, foul-mouthed and witty, trying to survive in suburbia. Not your typical soccer mom.

Hobbies or interests - Cooking, eating, and binge-watching reality tv.


- At large contributor

I have been covering the world of sports through digital media for upwards of three years. With ABNT, I will be taking on an at-large contributor role.

Hobbies or interests - Watching sports. When not watching sports, probably off somewhere watching sports. Also music. Lots of playing and listening to music.

Trevor Beggs

- Covering the NHL

Despite living on the coast near beautiful British Columbia, Trevor has had his soul crushed time and time again while watching the Vancouver Canucks. Because of that, Trevor enjoys long walks on the beach (much to The Beard’s chagrin), to ease his tattered soul.

Hobbies: Going on super long hikes and in the downtime, busting out the best gaming system of all time: the N64.

Drew Johnson

- Covering the NHL

I cover the Boston Bruins and NCAA Hockey for The Hockey Writers, and cover the Bruins for blackngoldhockey.com as well. I’ve been a fan of hockey ever since I was little - I could never get enough of the sport. Writing is probably the only passion that ranks above the sport in my mind.

Hobbies: Avid yet casual gamer, enjoy spending time outdoors - especially in the great state of Maine where my family has a vacation home. I don’t have a beard, but I do have a full set of teeth.

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