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Hello, from the home office, Hockey, by the book fans. Sorry for the delay in getting this out. We are in week six of stay at home direction in Seattle. The eldest is home from college and we are fully involved in homeschooling the youngest. All of this does not leave a lot of time for reading for me, but hopefully, it does for you. 

Again, I sincerely hope that all of you are well. The news coming in from all over the world leaves us all a bit unsettled. Looking at those things that make the world a little easier and a life a bit more normal, many of you escape into the pages of a book. We’ve got a few for you to escape into in this week’s edition of Hockey, by the book. 

Ice Capades

In Ice Capades, A Memoir Of Fast Living And Tough Hockey, Sean Avery with Micheal McKinley, lets the reader into the mind and inner workings of “hockey’s most hated player”.

Everyone Loves to Hate Sean Avery

Avery took the playbook from Jim Bouton’s seminal baseball novel and applied it to hockey. He tells his story for sure and he also brings the reader into the locker rooms, jets, hotel rooms. The story is not always pretty. His exploits on the ice are well known. His windmilling set up in Martin Brodeur’s crease. That one instance pushed the envelope of acceptable antics also earned him some physical retaliation from the same. Those actions are the most memorable, but there is more to Avery. Avery is a complex individual that is often polarizing. Most players hit the cottage for the summer, which he also did. But he found work as an intern at Vogue magazine for a summer. He also worked as a model. Both of which would direct his post hockey career. His actions show the “I don’t give a damn” attitude extended past his on-ice career. 

More Than Just a Hockey Player

Avery is one of those players that other players loved to have on their team, but hate to play against. He relished this role and used it to his advantage. By his admission, he is not the best player and worked hard to find a role for himself. This book is a fun read showing how he got there, how he stayed there, and what he has done since. He also fills the book with the reactions, antics, and stories of those he played for and those he played against. 

A Great Read Even If You Hate Him

Regardless of my love of the New York Islanders and my hatred of Avery as a player, I would fully recommend this book. It is a quick and fun read, written in a style that feels like you are having a pint with him as he tells you his stories. The book is in print and can be found at independent sellers and Amazon

Hockey family, stay safe, wash your hands often and we’ll see you on the ice or at the rink when all is said and done on this one!

Danny Boy

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