Growing up, I believed shaving was one of those things that you must do. Like brushing your teeth. Or combing your hair.

Every few days I would do it, cutting myself each time. I was never very good at it to be honest!

That was until one day, I stopped. And I’ve never looked back…

So what started my interest in growing facial hair? If I’m honest, it was laziness and the opportunity to save money.

I first grew a beard at university and quickly realised I had better things to do and better ways to spend my money than on shaving.

I’m not even ashamed to admit it! Shaving every day was such a pain in the arse. The foam would get all over the sink and I would constantly find patches I had missed. It seemed that the more time I took to avoid this, the worse it would be.

Don’t even get me started on the cost of the razors. I used to compare the price to the equivalent pints of beer but stopped as it got way too depressing!

I would use each blade until the last possible second to save money. So much so, that towards the end, it felt more like I was giving my face a massage than shaving any hair.

It’s not really a surprise that razors have seen a major decline in sales in recent years.

But what started as a simple way to save time and money, has now become a massive part of my life.

For a start, it hides my chin. You’re probably wondering why this might be necessary – but believe me, it is!

I’ve always had a double chin problem, which a beard covers up perfectly.

Also, if like me you have a weak jawline, then a beard can transform the structure of your face. Just a month of growth and you’ll look like a new man. Or at least, a slightly better version of yourself!

But most important of all, I feel more confident. I can honestly say that I feel better now than I ever did without a beard.

It has helped that beards have taken off in a big way. Despite the constant warnings that beards are on the way out, this is yet to happen. Nor is it going to happen anytime soon in my opinion!

My obsession with beards has now overlapped with my love of writing. For years I was thinking of starting a blog.

But about what? I tried lots of different topics. Gossip, football and music were just some I tried. Nothing seemed to stick.

That was until one day, my girlfriend suggested a beard blog. Of course! How did I not think of that before?!

It was the best decision I ever made. Not only do I have an epic beard, but I am also part of a fantastic community of beard growers, from a number of different backgrounds.

This in turn has given me the opportunity to help people out who are having problems growing a beard.

If my blog posts and videos can help just one person on their beard growing journey, that’s good enough for me.